My Definition of a Personal Learning Network

Hello Again!
In my readings from last week and the PLN’s I have read online, I see a Personal Learning Network as an online connection to other people with similar interests-in my case education.Similar to LinkedIn, a PLN is a connection but it is also a support for myself in getting ideas from other teachers in how to grapple new challenges in education and how I in turn can be a support to others. As one PLNer said so well-connecting with people on a PLN are the best friends she will never meet.
I feel that those of us on my course are already involved in networking and connecting through asking questions, commenting on the readings we’ve read and reflecting on other people’s comments. As we move on with Web 2.0 and the ever expanding learning space I feel it is important for teachers to have that support not only in their own immediate circle but from around the world. This experience can only enrich us as we go on in the 21st Century. I am looking forward to the adventure!

What is a PLN Anyway?
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